Welcome to the Official 24 Hour Appendix. Read for more lore, art, and drama related to the life of Frank Reggionaldo, and refer back to the print issue here.

— The Online Team


What to Know About the New Games Coming to the 1970s Olympics Sponsored by Frank Reggionaldo’s Hot Dogs

— A. Cramer and J. Banks

TRANSCRIPT: Young Couple Finds Engagement Ring in Hot Dog

— J. Mansfield

Hot Dog Slang List

— R. Shivakumar

Yelp Review of Frank’s Hot Dogs

— E. Upson

Warning: Dogs Bite Back

— H. Murray-Nelson

Who Has the Bigger Wiener? Chicago vs. Los Angeles

— T. Harris

TRANSCRIPT: Frank’s Therapy Session

— J. Mansfield

Mustard Miner’s Manifesto

— R. Shivakumar

Bun Brownstein’s Hot Dog Poems

— A. Calkins

To The First Loser: A Found Manifesto

— S. Morfin and H. Murray-Nelson

Sauerkraut Tanker Sinks

— S. Almogy

Dept. of Health: Are the Kids Alright?

— T. Harris

My Journey with Dr. Dog

 — M. Neissen

Frank III’s Journal

— D. Kothari

QUIZ: Which Condiment Are You?

— A. Calkins and G.  Dominguez

Now Showing at Bun Box Theatres

— A. Calkins and G.  Dominguez

Frank’s Library Checkout History

—  S. Hakani


Ketchup Fracking

— S. Spaner

Hot Dog Freaks: Before and After

— T. Harris

3rd Most Endangered Species Throughout Time

— E. Thulin and N. Weiss

Hot Dog Cigarettes

— N. Stack

Wide Snake

 — O. Gitelson

Marry-er Pigeon

— N. Stack

Genetic Makeup of the City

— S. Hakani

Dog Show Winners

— J. Mansfield

Frank’s Hot Dogs Sign

— A. Garcia

Hot Dog Crime Scene

— M. Kuo

Take Your Parent to Work Day! 

— S. Almogy

Fanny and Frank’s Wedding Invite

— H. Murray-Nelson