Yale University is an institution built on the promotion of intellectual discourse and growth, but it crumbles under the weight of political correctness. Attending a university like Yale is not about being protected from dissenting views or having your hand held in times of controversy. It’s about buzzwords like “intellectual expression” and “free discourse.”

A full year after the controversy over free speech upended our lives, I wanted to update everyone on an important development in this intellectual crusade: My book will be 20% off at all Barnes & Noble retailers through November 2 (plus shipping and handling).

You may be wondering: Is this the only reason The Washington Post chose to publish an op-ed rehashing the exact same arguments from last Halloween, including cut-and-pasted segments of my original email? The answer is no: My book is also available on Kindle for $14.99.

Last Halloween, we all learned an important lesson about the current state of college education. I firmly believe that all speech should be free—unlike my book, which you should buy for the price at which I am selling it. But students at liberal institutions seem to believe they should be exempt from hearing any speech with which they do not agree. So much for Lux et Veritas et My Book.

Also, if anyone has a good idea for a last-minute Halloween costume, please let me know.


—R. Lackner