NEW HAVEN, CT—Police are desperately seeking any information that may help identify the perpetrator of a recent slew of violent killings in East Rock. The first murder of this gory sequence occurred only a month ago, and has left a once peaceful residential neighborhood in disarray.

The first victim, 67-year-old Alice Thompson, was found strangled in her own home on the night of August 20th. Though a struggle was not evident, investigators were quick to notice a wrinkled sash soaked in blood and a pin depicting a campfire stuck in Thompson’s left shoulder. The symbol did not match that of any known gangs in the area.

When asked for comment, a neighbor of Thompson expressed her deep sadness over the tragedy. “She was always so kind. Every Sunday she’d bake shortbread cookies for the whole neighborhood and go door-to-door passing them out.”

According to the NHPD’s chief investigator, “We are still completely in the dark as to the motive of these horrific crimes. The crime scenes have yielded somewhat cryptic clues in the form of brightly colored-badges, such as the ‘Exterminate Competition’ and ‘Get Away With Murder’ badges.”

Authorities plan to work through lineups in the coming weeks. At press time, the New Haven Police Chief admitted that he’s never seen anything like the Sashed Slasher killings, telling the community that, “This case is anything but cookie cutter.”

– H. Murray-Nelson