As many singles know, Valentine’s Day is just another reminder that they haven’t found their other half yet. But I’m here to tell you that there is still hope! My girlfriends have recently found love in unexpected places, and it can happen to you too. You just need to be open to finding love anywhere you go. 

Riley, my BFF, had a meet-cute moment with the boy she always sees in the laundry room. I don’t actually know his name (neither does she) we just call him Tidepod. She tripped down the stairs while carrying her hamper and he asked her if she was okay. He was definitely sending her a signal.

My roommate Anna met her beau while walking into Kline Tower. He pressed the handicap door button and it stayed open for her when she entered the building behind him. See, chivalry is not dead! There are still a few good ones out there! 

You may be thinking, “Things like this never happen to me!” Maybe this is because you love to skip your lectures and haven’t done your laundry since the second week because you are overwhelmed with the fear that someone may take your clothes out of the washer, but don’t worry. My friend Allison proves that love can be found online. She and her man Kyle are just so cute!! Kyle (21, attends Quinnipiac, bowls competitively, and has a thing for gingers), and Allison matched on Tinder last month, but within two hours of matching with each other, he texted her saying he meant to swipe left. But think about it… not only did they match, which can’t just be a mistake, but he texted first! He’s obviously obsessed with her. 

The cutest story of them all is Hailley, who had her moment with her campus crush at a Halloween party at AEPi. He asked her what her Halloween costume was, to which she replied, “I’m Rapunzel.” He said, “Oh, I thought you were going for a sexy Grimace.” She truly did find the Flynn Ryder to her Rapunzel!

Don’t give up just yet. You’ll find your perfect match soon! Think about all the ways it could happen – he might offer you a chewed-up pencil in class (intimate!) or ask you a question about yourself and then cut you off before you can finish responding (active listener!). The possibilities are endless. 

— A. Borut