Finance Editor: Bryan Ford

Bryan, a seasoned Adderall snorter with over seven years of experience, is finishing up a major in Economics at Yale. He brings extensive writing experience to the team, having authored such articles for the Yale Daily News as “Increase Your GPA by Having Daddy on Speed Dial” and “Evacuating the Homeless to Alaska: How Cities in the Northeast Can Save Money.” In his sophomore year, Bryan became the youngest president of the Yale Investment Club. His responsibilities included trying on a Patagonia vest on top of the one he is already wearing, and whispering “The endowment is illiquid!” in his mirror three times in the hopes that the ghost of Elihu Yale would appear and personally hand him a job at J.P. Morgan. Aside from school, Bryan enjoys refusing to go past the New Haven Green, punching drywall, and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

African Voices Editor: Colin Fitzjohn

Colin, a junior Global Affairs major, introduces himself as Kenyan, Malawian and British, which is to say his British parents own a ranch in both African countries. His Instagram handle is @colin.kenya and his bio has all three flags, lest we forget. He has been interested in politics ever since his father, a white man with melanoma, sat him down atop their four-story colonial-era mansion in the Kenyan countryside and told him that he is happy as a rancher, because the business and political world in Africa is full of looters. Colin was struck with inspiration; he made his life’s mission to help the poor Africans in so much need. He brings to the team a wealth of expertise on African relations (he grew up with a Kenyan nanny) and international aid (he takes as many pictures with brown kids as he can whenever he is home).  Colin’s memorable moments this year include interrupting indigenous African speakers at a vigil held for the Malawi hurricanes, and dating a Black girl for the first time.

Creative Director: Mattias Silva

Mattias is a sophomore Political Science and History of Art double-major, with a concentration in fascism. His passion for art and philosophy started earlier in life— a cloud he saw at age twelve reminded him of the fickleness of love, and the inevitability of death. This year, he envisions a darker look for the magazine– you know, to capture the rage of the masses. Because he can’t beat off in the middle of his discussion section, he records himself arguing about Hegel and Locke so that he can masturbate to the sound later on. When he is not playing Devil’s advocate, you can find him at the gates of Old Campus, cigarette in hand, taking mysterious pictures for his Tinder profile. Apart from his three-word Tinder bio (Thinker, Lover, French.) he lets his visual aesthetic (emaciated Victorian mine-sweeper in a turtleneck) do the talking for him. And of course, his Tinder activity is simply an intellectual exercise— he would never ask for nudes, because we are all naked against the encroaching and loneliness that is the human condition.

Associate Editor: Matt Conway

Matt is a Junior Global Affairs student, with a self-designed concentration in International Security. His favorite classes include GLBL 423: Oil and Power, PLSC 101: American Imperialism, and the highly sought after Graduate Seminar PLSC 766: How to Drone Strike Brown People. He drinks beer every now and again, but will never smoke weed because it could ruin your future— the CIA does not recruit anyone with a drug history. On any given afternoon, you can find Matt playing frisbee with his dog, saluting the American flag on Cross Campus everytime he walks past, or Google-translating his L1 Arabic homework. Other than politics, Matt enjoys fishing, watching football, and wearing sunglasses. Matt wants you to know the cocaine in his room isn’t for him; he only bought it so he could spread it among our rival magazines in order to destabilize them. You know, CIA training.

Editor-in-chief: Nadea Kapoor 

Nadea, currently pursuing the 5-year BA/MA in Political Science, is a natural born leader. Literally, she was born wearing a Gucci pantsuit. Nadea brings her passionate drive and almost frightening work ethic to the team—on her first day as editor, she sent out a synchronized GCal invite for a workshop on how to synchronize GCals. She can see everything. In high school, Nadea founded a non-profit called “Women” where, every Thursday, women were invited to sit in a circle in the parking lot by the local Shake Shack. Sometimes they would go around and say their names and their favorite color. Other times, they carried signs that said “#WeExist.”  One Thursday they didn’t show up, and the Shake Shack employees forgot that women existed. Representation matters. You can find Nadea sipping her second triple shot dirty chai latte at Blue State on York, or aggressively smiling at strangers on Cross Campus. Come say hi!

— T. Taye