1. Lemur catta, commonly known as the ring-tailed lemur, were the first animals on record to engage in cuckolding for sexual pleasure. 
  2. Humans lose bones as they age, and most individuals have under 20 left by age 80. 
  3. The blobfish is sentient enough to understand what we call it, and tender enough to take it personally. 
  4. Fish can’t feel pain, according to a recent study by the fisherman’s union of Nova Scotia. 
  5. Crickets know how annoying they’re being, and they take a twisted, sadistic pleasure in it.
  6. Chimpanzees have exactly 32 teeth, except for 33-tooth Steve, who was exiled by the 32-tooth high council to preserve the purity of the 32-tooth bloodline. 
  7. Platypuses are actually mammals. 
  8. Lemmings are the only non-human animals to have religion. 

—L. Dunn