CBS All Access announced late last year that the cast of iCarly will be reprising their roles in a 2021 revival of the show, and all of our inner 13 year-old selves are screaming. We sat down with the executive producers of the show to get the scoop on what to expect will change in the new show. Whip up some spaghetti tacos and get ready to randomly dance because this is gonna be epic! 

The cast is older: We’ve all been wondering if the show will pick up right where it left off. We learned that Miranda Cosgrove will no longer be playing a tween because she’s 27. To realistically portray this rapid age jump for the characters, Spencer is hooked on painkillers he got for a knee injury and Carly has IBS.

Jennette McCurdy won’t be returning: McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett, announced she has closed the iCarly chapter of her life, leaving fans wondering what will happen to their fun-loving, butter-sock wielding fave. We have the answers! While Sam and Carly were cohosts of their webshow, only Carly’s name was in the title, so that will stay the same. But Sam will now be played by Jennifer Anniston. 

Carly’s fertile: Miranda Cosgrove let fans know on Twitter that there will be an episode called “iGet an Abortion.” This can only mean Carly Shay got her first visit from Aunt Flow during the show’s hiatus!

Not as much foot content: After much controversy over previous producer Dan Schneider’s foot fetish, the cast is now required to wear shoes unless they have a doctor’s note.

Freddie and Sam broke up: We all shipped Seddie from Day One, but the show’s writers decided that the couple had broken up during the time jump because Freddie needed space to deal with his mom’s death. Also Jennifer Anniston said she “really doesn’t want to kiss Nathan Kress.”

Freddie’s mom won’t be reprising her role: Mrs. Benson died! RIP

Gibby fucks now: We all knew Noah Munck’s character for his unpredictable jokes and hysterical tendency to take off his shirt. A lot of iCarly stans were hoping he still does that, and we’re happy to confirm that Gibby will deliver! But this time it won’t always be for comedic relief and sometimes will be sexual. We’re obsessed.

Carly’s Dad is back from war, but he’s not really the same: We all know Carly was raised by her brother, Spencer, because their dad was slaying the day away at war. In the reboot, Mr. Shay is back in their lives! However, he doesn’t have much of a speaking role and seems haunted by something. The producers wouldn’t spoil what happened to make him this way, but knowing iCarly, it’s gotta be random and hilarious. 

We rued the day that iCarly ended in 2012, so this news was definitely a bright spot in 2020. Safe to say, we cannot wait for this revival and will be binging iCarly until then! 

—S. Force