Updated March 3, 2021

All students, faculty, and staff on campus must monitor their health daily for symptoms of bad vibes. If you have any symptoms, contact your health care provider or the Campus VIBES Resource Line (203-432-6604).

Complete the vibe check survey daily before you go to campus or leave your on-campus residence.

Who must complete the Daily Vibe Check?

  • All students who have been authorized to return to campus for the semester must fill out the Daily Vibe Check every day. This includes all undergraduates and graduate and professional students living both on and off campus, except for the ones I have previously dated.
  • First-year students or students taking leave of absences do not have to complete the check as their poor vibes are already self evident.
  • All faculty and staff who are authorized to work on campus need to fill out the Daily Vibe Check every day. Faculty and staff who have assigned homework during break days must complete the test twice a day out of personal spite.