1. What’s a valid reason to kill a man?
    1. In self-defense. If a man draws his gun on you, you got to be quick, and you can’t have no mercy. Or if you think he’ll draw his gun on you. Or if you’ve wronged him to a way where he’d draw his gun on you in anger, you can defend yourself preemptively.
    2. There is no reason to kill a man. They could become a friend one day. They could have a kid, and that kid could go on to cure cowboy diseases.
    3. Just to watch the life dissipate from his eyes as he slips into the perpetual darkness that is the afterlife. The only thing you believe in less than God is the law. 
  2. Are you willing to go on the run?
    1. When the law catches my smell, I’ll be gone faster than Miss Jessie at sunrise.
    2. No, this is my town. My papaw grew up here, my papaw’s papaw “Pappy” grew up here. This is where I’m rooted. I’m standing my ground.
    3. I think running is stupid. 
  3. Are you willing to band together with a team of brothers?
    1. I’m a lone wolf. I have no family. I was raised in a barrel. The only brother I ever had was a mound of chewing tobacco. I ride alone. 
    2. My loyalty is to the sheriff, not your posse of renegades!
    3. I think it sounds fun to work with brothers.
  4. Are you good with nothing but a map, and compass, and a canteen, and your papa’s trusty .44? 
    1. I’m the fastest shot in the west. But I ride alone. 
    2. Oh jeez. Not me! I keep my head down, my laces tied, and my boots firmly in the dirt where they belong. I am a simple farm boy, and I gotta stay true. 
    3. Yes. I’ve been ‘round the block and then some. There ain’t a nook or a cranny of this big, wide world I ain’t seen. And the place I hate most is Boston.
  5. Do you want to bomb the Boston Marathon?
    1. What’s the Boston Marathon? This is the 1800s. 
    2. Oh you mean like bomb like I cramp up at mile 6 and walk the rest of the way?
    3. As I am a real cowboy, I would like to bomb the Boston Marathon.

—S. Leone


Answer Key:

Mostly 1’s: You are on side 1 of the law. You are a bad guy.

Mostly 2’s: You are on side 2 of the law. You are a good guy.

Mostly 3’s: You are on side 3 of the law. You are something in between.