Are you tired of the same old boring college dates? The same landlocked meals of meat, poultry, grains, fruit, and vegetables? Well then, sounds like you could use some Reel Love®, the only Yale dating service that pairs you with a big, burly fisherman who will reel in your heart like an Atlantic chub mackerel. Fill out this questionnaire, and you’ll have one on the line in no time.

Age (you)
Age range (your match)
How would you describe your fishing experience level?
What’s your favorite body of water?
Do you believe fish have souls?
What are your favorite non-fishing pastimes?
Scenario: You’re running a shad dart through a shoal of grouper when the darn things get spooked by an inshore tug two klicks west. Do you:
What is your greatest fishing dream?
What are you looking forward to most in your Reel Love® match?
Are you willing to be covered in chum and locked in a shark cage to act as live bait for Big Lucius, the thirty-foot bass what’s been the scourge of Long Island Sound since the late sixties?