1. Create International Unity: In spy movies, the heroes always synchronize their watches before starting a mission. How can we trust our allies if they refuse to match with us? 
  2. Provide Equality of Access: It is deeply unjust and absolutely disgusting that time zones must force West Coast Americans to suffer through Monday Evening Football starting at 5:15 PM, instead of Monday Night football at the proper time of 8:15 PM. This is not only unequal but also probably inequitable. I can only imagine how hard it must be for those poor Americans living overseas.  
  3. Freedom from Embarrassment: For too long, I have lived in fear of mockery from my international friends any time I send a goodnight text. Everyone should be going to bed when I do, at my bedtime of 9:45 sharp on school nights. 
  4. Strengthen National Security: It is absurd that we have allowed China to remain 12 hours ahead of Washington for so long. This needs to be changed to remove China’s strategic advantage. How can we feel truly safe if the threat of nuclear warheads from the future hangs overhead?
  5. No More Jet Lag: It makes people tired.

—M. Steinthal