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2018 saw the return of many trends millennials vaguely remember from early childhood: scrunchies, butterfly clips, fanny packs. Clearly, nostalgia is hot right now. So we at Pampers ask, what better to remind you of your youth than the classic childhood experience of shitting your pants?

Take a moment and let the memories wash over you. Mom taking off your diaper and gagging at the smell. Mom yelling at Dad for never changing you and for always going on “business trips.” Mom going to San Antonio for a vacation with her sisters while Dad hung back but for some reason your hot babysitter also needed to be there so she and Dad could “help each other out” except neither of them changed you for the entire week. And who could forget your parents’ acrimonious and drawn-out divorce!

Think you’ll never be able to relive those experiences? Well think again, idiot. Introducing Pampers Throwback XL Diapers. Pair them with a Rugrats t-shirt and one of those tiny plastic backpacks for a look that says “I’m a fucking adult. I don’t have time to go to the bathroom!” Just go about your daily life and let your bowels do their thing. It’ll feel like the years right before and after 9/11 in no time. Those were the days.

You can find a five-pack of our new Throwback Diapers at your local Urban Outfitters for just $49.99. Get ‘em (and shit ‘em) while supplies last!


—K. Walsh