Hey what’s up dude! Hey roomie! (Can I call you that?) So excited to be living together this year! What are your interests? Do you like sports? ESports? Anyways, here’s something: I was looking around online for the floor plans of Winthrop Hall and I found a schematic from 1993 (pre-renovation, of course) with the layout of room C11 (that’s us!). So basically you walk in, and there’s a closet on the left, and, well, I guess I’ll spare you the details until we meet in person (Friday!!! So excited lol) but basically I was thinking, like, what if we bunk the beds?

So what are your other interests? Do you like podcasts? Or podcasting? Oh, and about the whole bunking the beds thing: we totally don’t have to bunk the beds (unless you’re cool with that, then I’d be down!). I was just thinking, you know, our room is probably, what, 16-by-2 feet (16-by-13 tops). And I was thinking, you know, how big is a twin XL bed? 79.5 inches-by-38 inches? By the way, are you into remote control cars or something? Remote control helicopters? Do you have like a vintage Hess truck or something still in its original packaging? (It’s totally cool if you don’t, but if you do, I do too!) I only ask because if we just went crazy and bunked the beds, think of the extra 79.5 by 38 inches we’d have to do all that stuff (or whatever other stuff you’re into. Let me know btw!)

So hey, roomie! What do you like to do in your free time? Collect model planes? Collect model planes and boats? Restore antique model planes to their former glory with the magic touch of a Windsor Quick-Hinge Multi-Sander and a little paint? If you like these things, cool! If not, no worries! I love trying new stuff (Model cars and trucks?) Cuz what if we just went ahead and just bunked the beds? Think of the extra space.

So anyways, I’ll let you go! But hey real quick, do you like the game Twister? What are your interests and activities? Do you like making up new rules for the game Twister? Playing it while wearing 3D glasses so you lose all depth perception? Buying a gumball machine for the dorm and just going to town on it? Anyway, if you do like that stuff, I’d totally be down! Hey man, let’s bunk the beds! Let’s bunk ‘em (or not, just let me know!).

Your roomie,

Dennis Pickington


—C. Cohen