I love my job. Every morning I leave my house in Bethesda at 4:50 so I can walk into CBS Studios by 12:15. When I get to work I walk into the makeup room and I stick each hand into a huge vat of ointment and I rub the ointment onto Young Sheldon’s head. My job is not finished until the entirety of Young Sheldon’s head is caked with slimy ointment because his scalp is a war zone. Sometimes at my job where I rub the ointment onto Young Sheldon’s head I ask him how school is going or what he is up to. Then the makeup designer storms in and says please do not talk to Young Sheldon. Then I wrap his body in plastic and hose the ointment off of Young Sheldon’s head. Then it’s 5:30 so I’m done with my job. I drive back to Bethesda and watch Jimmy Fallon and think about how I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

—J. Houston