You couldn’t eat them at home, so why do you think you
could eat them here?

Whether they are paintings or sculptures, you should
cross all works of art off your list of things to eat
at college.

The Physics Department
The Physics Department includes buildings, which are
made of rocks. And you can’t eat rocks, remember?

Things Labeled “Not for Consumption”
“Not for consumption” is a fancy way of saying you
shouldn’t eat it. For example, vegan ravioli is “not for

Food at the Saybrook Dining Hall
You have 11 other choices, why choose that one?

I know I mentioned them before, but I really wanted
to make sure that you do not eat them. And just
a reminder: This means you can’t eat the Physics

We’re talking about the person now. Don’t eat him. He
is Denise’s boyfriend.

The Physics Department (faculty)
What part of “don’t eat rocks” don’t you understand?

He is my turtle and I love him.

While the real danger of asbestos is inhalation, this in no
way means you should eat it. And just a reminder:
This means you can’t eat food at the Saybrook
Dining Hall.

—B. Beitler