1. The NASA engineers could have realized that, instead of a space shuttle, they had accidentally built a giant toaster
  2. Instead of the Challenger Space Shuttle exploding, everyone in America could have watched the movie “Anchorman”
  3. Instead of seven beloved astronauts, there could have been Hitler, and instead of exploding, he could have asked his crush to prom and had her say yes but in a way where you could tell she wasn’t that excited about it
  4. All of the astronauts could have had the voice of Gilbert Gottfried
  5. The night before, one of the astronauts could have said, “If the Challenger crashes tomorrow, then I’ll eat my hat!”
  6. Instead of filling the tank correctly, NASA engineers could have filled it with thousands of microwavable meals and then when the launch failed yelled, “It’s not hot pocket science!”
  7. After the explosion, a NASA engineer could have turned to the camera and said “I’ll have what she’s having”
  8. Instead of the Challenger burning up in the atmosphere, it could have accidentally pantsed former president Jimmy Carter
  9. Instead of Christa McAuliffe dying in her attempt to be the first teacher in space, she could have held a press conference on the moon announcing that she was renaming her child Butts McGee
  10. Instead of the space shuttle breaking apart after 73 seconds, it could have broken apart after 69 seconds

—B. Beitler and A. Kinnane