One is good and the other is grand.

Between meals, find both in the Koch brothers’ hands.

Either has the stature to really take a stand.

Is it GORP or the GOP?

You never know what’s to come in this mixed bag of fun.

Even if it’s unexpected, try a taste; don’t run!

As long as it’s around you will still have your gun.

Is it GORP or the GOP?

Pillars of American culture and pride,

by the laws of our world they need not abide.

Add dried pineapple? Sure! Cite God? Take it in stride!

Is it GORP or the GOP?

From peanuts to prunes, Perry to Paul,

there’s something in here for one and for all.

Not yet? How about Trump, toasted corn, or Jindal?

Is it GORP or the GOP?

—E. Sneider