Times Square Subway Sign

1. If you walk by this sign, and you know that Times Square is in NYC, you will realize you are in NYC.


NYC Sign Sideways
Source: http://www.detroitmoxie.com/

2. If you see this sign, and you drive straight or a little sideways, you should conclude that you’re in NYC.


NYC Subway Sign

3. If you see this sign, and there isn’t the smell of sandwiches, you’re probably in NYC.


Source: http://www.youdontknowjersey.com/

4. If you see this sign, just be careful to note exactly where you’re standing.



5. If you see this sign, you should not assume you’re in NYC. But you might be.


King's Cross

6. One of the ways to know whether you’re in NYC is to see whether you’re somewhere else. If you see this sign, you probably aren’t in NYC because London and NYC are not the same place.


Stop Sign

7. If you see this sign you should stop reading this article, put your phone away, and continue driving.


—M. Harris