(Joker, about the opening of a new building) I’m going to make it an erection Gotham will never forget!

(Superman) Hey Lex! I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine that I call “This Large Metal Bar That I Am About To Hit You With!”

(Flash, to the rest of the Justice League) Who could have guessed that racism would turn out to be such a great thing?

(Batman) Unfortunately for you, Bane, you underestimated me and the amount of rubber cement I could sniff.

(Wolverine) Tissue? I hardly know you! [Chuckles under his breath]

( -man) The joke’s on you! Both of my parents are dead!

(Green Lantern) Who cuts your hair? Your butt? [high-fives an uncomfortable-looking Wonder Woman]

(Batwoman) Penguin, you should know: Crime never pays! Well, I mean I guess you are going to pay for what you did. And the taxpayers will pay for you to serve your time. I guess crime does pay in some senses, but not in other senses.

(Bruce Banner/Hulk) That’s my secret: I’m always hot and bothered.

(Aquaman) You really believe this challenge is too great for the power of the ocean? I WILL unclog this toilet.

(Thor) Loki will never again underestimate the power of a well-prepared rag ù.

(Robin) Now, I don’t want to start pointing fingers, but let’s just say I don’t not blame the Jews.

—B. Beitler