-Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Can I Get Your Number?
-Come Visit The Ocean Before It Rises To Swallow The Land (Formerly “It’s Getting Hot in Here” before threatened with copyright suit)
-She Gave Me Crabs: Prince Eric’s Lament
-She Gave Me (Singing!) Crabs: Prince Eric’s Lament After We Went For The G Rating
-Silent on Shore (Ariel Tries to Sing without a Voice For Five Minutes)
-When Will You Learn (formerly “I Spy a Fishing Hook!”)
-Sparks! Eels in Love/Humans, Get The Hell Out of That Water
-Mashup: Gold Digger and Part of Your World (And Your Castle, And Your Kingdom, Once I Inherit It All In A Messy Divorce!)
-When Seagulls Cry, by the Prince Formally Known as Eric
-Back That Tail Up (Explicit)
-Those Magic Changes (Will Cost You Your Voice, Your Freedom, and Quite Possibly Your Father’s Entire Kingdom, But Don’t Read the Fine Print)

—E. Miles