If you are not Frank III, KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF MY JOURNAL. God is watching. Intently. 

Page 7 

I am SO ANGRY. Father lied to me! He promised!! I worked so, so hard, and I got an A- on my Condiment Artistry project, but we still can’t get a puppy!!! He keeps saying “It’s bad for brand image.”

Page 29 

Father got back from LA a few days ago and now he keeps buying krisanthemums. chrisanthamums. Chrysanthemums. He bought 7 bouquets today??? I asked him why, and he said “Just because?” I am confused. And I can’t stop sneezing! 

Page 31

The chrysanthemystery is solved. Father is gone. Ran off with the Californian flower woman. 

Maybe I can finally get a puppy now? 

Page 35

We couldn’t get a puppy. Father isn’t paying “child support.” 

— D. Kothari