We at the Yale Record are a kind, hospitable bunch who pride ourselves on fostering the young minds of the next generation. Last week, our members hosted Pre-Frosh during Bulldog Days with the lowest casualty rate in recent history — it was a massive success. If you’re planning to host a pre-frosh next year, you may want our advice. And if that’s true, you are in luck. What should you DO when hosting? What should you DON’T do? Find your hosting queries answered and fears assuaged in this helpful guide. 


  • Assign them your Psets – This will give them the true slice of life Yale experience.
  • Take their tote bag – The world is a cruel place and you deserve it. You are so special and work so hard. Such a good boy.  
  • Bring them to TD – Tell them it’s the “real Harvard” and watch as they spiral into doubt. 
  • Teach them to sit – This is an essential step towards the next stage of their lives where they will learn to shake hands, roll over, etc. 


  • Swipe in your Pre-Frosh – A true Yale student finds innovative paths to overcoming minor obstacles like gates and doors. 
  • Let them shower – It’s a dry event. 
  • Allow them to leave the suite – They might say they have an “event” or “talk,” but it’s a dangerous world out there. It’s better to keep a watchful eye on those camps. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                — N. Stack