Yee-haw — An exclamatory expression of joy

Yee-hoo — Yee-haw, as pronounced by an owl

Haw-yee — Yee-haw, as pronounced by an imbecile 

Yi Ha — Someone, probably

Y’all — You all, but gender neutral

Giddy up — Go, continue, proceed. Often spoken to a horse. Occasionally spoken to your mom

Ranch — Dressing

Bullseye — That horse from Toy Story

Howdy — The body is under the gazebo

NFT — Non-fungible token

Hoe Down — She may have alcohol poisoning 

Go west, young man — Go west, young man

Backwards cowgirl — Girlcow 

Nay — No

Neigh — Nough

Neighhhhh — Yeehaw 

—J. Stark