• Joseph Gelin (I call him Joseph but he might go by Joe now that he’s in college)
  • Joe Zemba (short for Giuseppe)
  • Joe Wickline
  • Joey Spinosa
  • Joe from the restaurant (I did payroll once I should really remember)
  • Joey Yacovone
  • Joe Gustaferro (what if his name is also short for Giuseppe? investigate further…)
  • Joseph Rinaldi
  • Joe Fois
  • Joe Leone (also from the restaurant but he’s my uncle)
  • Joey Zane
  • Joanna Wypasek (who doesn’t go by “Jo” (which is like a female version of “Joe” (she’s a girl)), but it’s been floated)
  • Joey Varney
  • Joe Baxter
  • Joey Smith
  • Joey Ford

This was actually a really high pressure piece to write. Even now, I’m worried there are some Joes I left out. Maybe even Joes I care about. To those Joes, I say, I’d never forget you. But when I thought of Joes that I know, your name didn’t spring into my head. But don’t be sad. It just means I don’t put you into a little box. It just means you’re more than a name to me (specifically the name Joe). I promise I remember you, and I love you.

— S. Leone

Edit (May 5th): Joseph does not go by Joe. Only people from East Longmeadow call him Joe. Well, not all people from East Longmeadow. I’m from there, and I call him Joseph because we’re friends and that’s what he likes.