Hey party people, McKenna here! Welcome back to my blog, Sparkles & Cupcakes! Ever since the semester started, so many readers have been asking me: how is Calculus: Early Transcendentals (Eighth Edition) by James Stewart? (Well, by “readers” I mean just my roommate who didn’t buy the book and is unsubtly trying to hint that she needs to borrow it.) But anyway, I’m so excited to finally give my review!

My first impression of the book was that I love the packaging. The cover has a cello and some math-inspired circles. It is so totally classy, and looks great with all my other books. It also reminds me of my friend’s suitemate Julian, who plays cello in the Berkeley College Orchestra. He’s super hot and interesting! I mean, yeah, he isn’t good enough for YSO, but none of them can fuck anyway.

Another thing I love about the book is that it has both letters and numbers. It’s very edgy like that, Billie Eilish vibes anyone? Lol I am too silly! :P The letters and numbers are so freaking cute together – just like me and Julian would be so freaking cute together! I love to watch him in class and imagine our life together, like the day we’ll get married. It’s going to be so cute; I already started the pinterest board for our rustic Southern barn-chic nuptial bash. Anyway, what I love about the book is that it feels like the author just kind of put the letters and numbers in whatever order he wanted, cause it makes no sense whatsoever. Abstract art is so cool!

Overall, I thought the book was honestly so emotionally moving. There are just some books that make you feel something deep inside. For example, this book made me feel like I wanted to commit acts of homicide! (added bonus: the book is heavy enough to serve as the weapon!)

To be honest, I’m not really a big “math” person, I mostly bought the book so I could follow Julian to his math class every day and look like I had a reason to be there if he ever noticed me. His other classes are just lectures, so I don’t need anything special – a really sharp pencil will do! Anyway, everyone I know ended up “dropping” Math 120 after asking a few too many pointed questions, but I would still totally recommend the book. What a fun read :)

Thanks so much for reading my review! Leave a comment telling me your thoughts, and make sure to check out my other posts, like “10 Cute Rainy Day Outfits” and “7 Ways To Get Your Crush NOT To Notice You: Following From A Distance (Late Nite Edition! XD)”.

Love, McKenna :)

—L. Santiago