From the Fashion Issue

  1. Say Okay to the Toupee
  2. Say At Least It Was Free to the Schwarzman Center Tee
  3. Say I Can’t Believe My Eyes! to the Pair of Durable, Skinny Fit Levi’s, cut for contemporary style and infused with stretch for extra mobility
  4. Say Those are the Bee’s Knees! to the Dungarees Say Life’s a Breeze! to the Dungarees
  5. Say Skippity-Bap-Doop-Dees! to the Dungarees
  6. Say Fuck Yes to the Dress (Like Say Yes to the Dress, but in Jersey)
  7. Say What’s Going On? to the Isotoner-Gloved Hands Curling Around Your Throat
  8. Say Please Randy Fenoli, Stop to the Impeccably-Dressed Host of Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Fenoli, as he eliminates the threat of a spinoff that would bleed his viewership
  9. Say Why, Cruel World? to the Jheri Curl

— M. Blaney & M. Vasquez