The Wiener’s Whisper: In a tense apocalyptic world, a global hot dog shortage drives millions to the brink of death. Violence breaks out around every corner, and governments fall into anarchy. A mysterious, meaty voice guides a group of heroic teenagers to safety and peace.

Bun Boys: Two young men in Northern Italy explore the delight and passion of a nice hot dog and each other.

The Princess and the Hot Dog: In a distant kingdom, perfect in almost every way, there are no hot dogs. The princess, desired by every man, takes a royal tour to the United States, where she encounters the hot dog and falls in love. Her nation is shocked that she would marry a hot dog – but the couple overcome years of prejudice. 

Bratwurst Blitzkrieg: Thousands of British “Bull” Dogs are trapped by force on an island and the League of Nations is forced to intervene. In a brave mass assault, an attempt is made to restore the world to perfect hot dog peace.


– A. Calkins & G. Dominguez