Hugging: we’ve all been there, whether you’re showing your love for Grandma or reuniting with a long lost friend. But, like most things in life, we can all push ourselves to improve. Read ahead to perfect your technique the next time you embrace. 

1. Make sure to read the set-up correctly. Side hug? Bear-like snuggle? Hands on waist? Or alternatively, make like Waka Flocka Flame (and do it with no hands)? No one likes to be snuck up on when a simple wave will do the trick. 

2. Have your arm position on lock. Above arm, below arm, one in each pocket, two in one pocket, all three in one pocket. 

3. Remember to show respect to time and place. Apparently, hugging a TSA Checkpoint Officer is an inappropriate thing to do after test-yelling “Bomb” in front of Gate 3. Also, cuddling your new boyfriend will not help him forget that you called his dead dad hot. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. 

4. Feel free to switch up your approach entirely. Some of my best displays of affected have included a LinkedIn exchange, a light tickle to the underarm, or an extremely wet, mouth-to-mouth snog.

– G. Cohen