Who doesn’t love a good tree with their green, brilliant leaves, strong, tall trunks, and deep, secretive roots? Doesn’t it just make you wonder what could be hiding underneath them? Trees are lovable and kind! They provide ideal settings for the fondest of life’s moments: picnics with family, carving your initials into a heart with a loved one, or reading a book on a quiet day.

My fondest memory is of the day my love took me up on top of a hill and broke up with me. I was so sad after that that I decided to plant a tree on that hill, and named it after them to make myself feel better. Fortunately, my ex was willing to take care of the tree by providing it with food!

As a tree lover, I know a ton about what kind of nutrients trees need. In fact, trees need very similar nutrients as humans do to grow. I guess you could even say that a human would be an amazing source of nutrients for a tree! They’re just like us, and that’s why I love them.  My ex was so generous that I almost forgot they had thrown away everything we had built together, everything we had been striving towards. How kind of them to nourish this tree for me!

Trees can also represent sad memories. Some trees are graves. Stumps are trees whose lives were cut short. Isn’t it sad how humans abuse the trees? What makes a human more valuable than a tree? When a human falls, their body is basically a log, heavy and stiff. I love logs more than I love people.

After my unfortunate breakup with my ex I decided to plant more and more trees. Anytime someone finds out about us, I plant another! But I always go visit that one tree on the hill, bringing flowers and leaving them there, because I especially love that tree. I hope no one ever finds it so that it can be all mine!

—T. Norsworthy