Bora Bora — Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Bora Bora is a paradise like no other. You’ll definitely want to snorkel in the deep blue sea and relax in the sun before you go. If you get lucky, maybe you’ll find Kim Kardashian’s earrings!

ParisThe city of Love. This city is absolutely magical and is sure to give you and some lucky lady a great time. From the Louvre to the smoking preschoolers, everyone has an amazing time in this reliable French gem. 

YellowstoneThis national treasure is a true testament to just how amazing nature can be. Old Faithful is a must-see, and the expansive landscapes are so breathtaking you might just forget about your own mortality! 

State CapitolEngaging in local and state politics is critical for civil democracy, and what better way to practice than to visit your state capitol? Every American should take this trip. Who knows how many election cycles you have left?

Local MuseumsAlthough not as exotic as the Louvre, local museums can be a great way to connect with your town and learn about dinosaurs. They offer a more realistic destination with your timeframe, as most are within driving distance.

Pizza ParlorMmmmmmm, pizza! Visit your local pizzeria and get some lip smacking ‘za as a delicious treat. So good it could be a last meal! 

Wherever Your Mother IsTrust me. You’ll want to say goodbye. 

Your BathroomOne of the last opportunities you’ll have to feel some sort of relief, you should take this opportunity to maybe extend your future, even if it’s just momentarily. 

Your Favorite MemoriesThe best times of your life. Take this time to really remember how good your life was: how much fun you had on this wacky little planet orbiting the sun. It’s a shame it’ll all be over soon.

Your Current LocationDon’t get up now, where you are is perfect. Riiight there.

—E. Calderon