The first time I ever saw my husband, I remember thinking, “Wow, that guy is strong.” And that’s pretty much all I’ve noticed about him since. If you asked me about the color of his eyes, all that would come to mind is the shape of his massive biceps. I mean, he carries all the groceries inside in just one trip; need I say more? 

He’s a kindergarten teacher, which is so inspiring. One time I decided to give him a little surprise visit at school, and I got to watch him help a little girl read Jack & Jill. They worked together so well, it almost seemed like she was teaching him. To make her feel more comfortable, he let her sound out all the words, and he didn’t even correct her when she did it wrong. It was adorable.

He’s also a proud supporter of women and always tries to lift me up, physically and emotionally. Whenever we go out to dinner, he totally flips the script and gives me the menu without even bothering to look at it. He says I always know just the right thing to order him, which basically means I order him the entire menu. He’s a growing boy, after all! 

We spend mornings together, and I read him the newspaper. It is sort of strange that he gets upset whenever I try to do the Sunday crossword with him. Like last week I asked for a seven-letter word for “courage,” and he completely freaked out, chugged his protein shake, and left the room, saying he needed to “get his workout in before school.” I was admittedly a little confused since there’s no work on Sundays. 

He knows I don’t like it when he storms off like that. But he’ll be back with some white roses in those big, huge arms, and all will be forgiven. What can I say? He can read me like a book.

—I. Rhodes