1. Every color you’ve ever seen before plus a whole bunch of new colors that defy comprehension, followed by pure darkness.
  2. When and where you will meet your inevitable demise, that sweet release of death and separation from this mortal coil.
  3. God’s private Snapchat story. Huh, that’s a lot of brunch pics.
  4. The exact corner of the Chuck E. Cheese where you forgot your turquoise retainer from 7th grade. You know the one you got in trouble for losing because “retainers don’t grow on trees and orthodontia isn’t covered by the new family insurance plan”. 
  5. The inside of a loud van with lots of bright lights and worried dudes in scruffy uniforms.
  6. God’s grocery shopping list. Apparently he’s a Trader Joe’s kinda deity.
  7. An old-school movie set with a lunar lander on a sea of gray sand. President John F. Kennedy sits in the director’s chair..
  8. A bunch of beeping machines and dudes in green messing around with some sharp looking shiny stuff just above your field of view. Wow, our brains come up with the craziest things!

—A. Beer