This article originally appeared in the 2018 First Year Issue

You’ve received his unsolicited emails. You’ve heard him make that scratchy “rreeeeerrrr” sound between “Living on a Prayer” and “Despacito.” Now it’s time to hear from the man himself: the mysterious DJ Action of Toad’s Place!

The Record: Mr. Action, it’s such a pleasure to sit down with you today.

DJ Action: Yes, I’m just happy I could find the time to take a break from spinning all your favorites to talk.

TR: First on the docket: Who designs your emails?

DA: We have a very good, not excellent, but very good, graphic designer from the Yale School of Art do all the emails. We pay her $150K per year plus benefits and it’s worth every penny.

TR: You probably get this question all the time, but do your friends call you DJ Action too?

DA: Though my mother named me DJ Action, during the day, I usually just go by my nickname, Peter.

TR: What’s your favorite thing about being a DJ?

DA: I think the challenge of crafting the perfect playlist for today’s teens really heightens my emotional intelligence.

TR: And what’s your least favorite thing about being a DJ?

DA: The turntables never stop spinning, no matter how much I beg them.

TR: Great. So do you have another job during the day?

DA: During the day, I have a side hustle as the president of a private research university in Connecticut. Hopefully I’ll see some of my students from the DJ booth tonight! The Toad will be hopping!

— S. Force