Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

But really any flower

Smells better than you.


When near me you sit

At 11:35,

I never can snooze,

‘Cause I feel so alive.


I really admire

That you so deeply care

About the environment

And keeping it fair.


I know I for one

Shorter showers should take;

We all must save water

For ecology’s  sake!


But I could never bathe

So rarely as you –

I just need to be clean,

And I must have shampoo.


I think of you lots;

It’s almost routine.

Your scent is so memorable,

And no one’s more green.


Your carbon footprint

Is just so pretty

And your dedication

Incredibly gritty.


And so while before

I had been tongue-tied –

my thoughts about you

I always would hide –


It’s finally the time

When I have the good luck

To say what I feel:

Bruh – what the actual fuck.


R. Mirchandani