NEW HAVEN—An employee of Yale Dining was arrested in June after witnesses spotted him using a broomstick to remove filth from a stained glass panel overlooking the dining hall.

Witnesses say Corey Menafee, a beloved 38-year-old dishwasher, used a cleaning tool to remove a piece of junk from the eating space.

“It was shocking,” said Sophie Bryant, the dining hall manager on duty at the time of the incident. “Most of our employees use the brooms to remove surface-level dust and debris. But Corey actually tackled an embarrassing, decades-old stain on our campus.”

Daniel McGuire, a New Haven resident who witnessed the event, said he sympathized with the decision to arrest Menafee. “He’s a dishwasher, not a window washer,” he said. “If we cleaned every part of this campus whenever it got dirty, there would be no dirt left to remind us of how awful dirt is.”

—G. Ambrose