That one where you have to dance in front of your

entire fifth grade class again but this time they are

all hedgehogs and you brought your least-flattering

leotard and they all laugh at you


The dream where all of your spoons have been replaced

with baby hedgehogs and all of your baby hedgehogs

have been replaced with spoons


That classic trope where a clown is chasing you and

a small crowd of hedgehogs is mocking your poor

running form even though they know it’s because of

your flat feet


The one where you are underwater, drowning, and

are forced to watch an ill-choreographed hedgehog

water ballet


Sonic-themed sex dream


The one where you’re giving a class presentation when

you look down and realize that you’re totally naked.

The hedgehog in the front row is sort of into it, though



The dream where there is no hedgehog but you know

that it is only a dream because the hedgehog is

watching you sleep, waiting for tomorrow


-R. Lackner