The Record’s past advertisers include local restaurants, alcohol distributors, national chains, banks, bookstores, salons, software companies, furniture stores, and even Amtrak.

If you’d like to join them, or if you’d like a price quote, contact our Publisher.


Why Advertise?

We offer the cheapest advertising of any student publication at Yale. If you get a better rate from someone else, tell us, and we’ll go even lower.

We print 450 issues of our magazine 8 times per year, plus one “special issue” that typically prints thousands of copies. We are the most popular magazine at Yale; every issue we distribute gets read, often by more than one person. We take special care to distribute in libraries and common rooms — wherever students gather.

We also run special events (pranks, flash mobs, and more) several times per year, capturing the attention of thousands of students; if you’d like to sponsor an event, we can make that happen.


Sound good? Contact our Publisher to set up a call or ask for a price quote.