Directly transcribed from a candid video by witness Frenchman, who thought he had spotted a famous couple. Camera shows YOUNG WOMAN and YOUNG MAN in the middle of succulent hot dog meal. Video starts after YOUNG WOMAN pulls a diamond ring from her teeth.  

YOUNG WOMAN: Are you for real? You’re proposing to me through a hot dog? 

YOUNG MAN: What? You’re a methodist! [sic]

YOUNG WOMAN: I can’t believe this is happening right now. I thought you wanted things to be different. You’re still the same 17 year old boy you were when we first met. Is this some kind of joke to you? You think it’s so funny, huh? “Oh, she has a ring in her wiener”, “Oh, she choked on my ring-wiener”.

YOUNG MAN: I did not put that ring in that hot dog.


J. Mansfield