You can juggle.
You brush your teeth three times a day.
You can recite the alphabet backwards.
You had braces for 8 years.
You were voted “most likely to succeed” in your fifth grade yearbook.
Your mom is your dentist.
Your cousin has no front teeth.
You often get frustrated by TSA confiscating your Sonicare Power Flosser 3000.
Your dentist is your mom.
You’re double jointed.
You also get frustrated when TSA refuses to pat down your teeth—you could hide a lot of illicit substances in there if you had any cavities, which you surely do not.
The Tooth Fairy left you stock options instead of cash under your pillow.
You’re allergic to other people’s teeth.
You’ve always struggled to understand why your mom would leave your fully-toothed father for a man like Greg who wears dentures and flosses without passion.
Your FroCo group is the closest group of friends you’ve ever had. You’re so grateful to have them in your life.

– Staff