When the Associated Press broke the news that Jimmy Carter entered hospice care, many of my colleagues said it was “the end of Jimmy Carter.” This is not necessarily so.

I think he’s going to make it. I’m an optimist. People have been saying for decades that Jimmy Carter would bite the dust. I remember back when I was kid, everyone said that Jimmy Carter was mortal. Sure, most Presidents before him have kicked the bucket, but Jimmy hasn’t yet, so I’m unconvinced.

I chalk this hullabaloo up to liberal hysteria. The mainstream media has not even presented the other side of this contentious issue. No news outlet has bothered to consider counterarguments. For example, Jimmy Carter did not have the “Type A” personality that many other Presidents have, and Type B people notoriously live longer lives. Second, President Carter was a peanut farmer, and peanuts have a lot of nutrients. Third, bad things don’t happen to good people. Mark my words, in a few months the liberal media will be raving about the next person who’s going to “die.”

— A. Buchholz