Old BangtailIf you’re looking for a nice ambience paired with quality drinks and good company, Old Bangtail is the place to go. It’s where the last generation of cool and hip cowboys hangs out, and because their clientele is universally over 70 they rarely card. This place is even equipped with a free coat and lasso check, for your comfort and convenience.

Calamity Jane’sCalamity Jane’s is on the newer side and its unique management sets it apart from the rest. This saloon is completely female-owned and run. I guess it’s a part of that new feminist movement where women can own property? The baddest of the badlands can all be found here, so take note of the threatening message listed on the sign above the door: “Don’t come in if ya don’t know yer way out.”

Hang Fire Spirits“Don’t tumble with a tumbleweed tumblin’ away from ya, but don’t let a tumbleweed tumble right on over ya,” barkeep Maurice “Mixin’ Moe” Flannigan advises visitors. This saloon is for those of you who have had a long, boring week slingin’ cows and are in need of a little action. Hang Fire Spirits is known for its rambunctious coeds and its never-ending history of gunfights and showdowns. This place is all about drinking with a show. They’ve also been known to play a little fast and loose with the law, making it a popular destination for those who might not be all the way of age. 

Little Butte EastThis place has got everything you could possibly need: you’ll almost never get carded and they’ll serve you your beverage without any bullshit. If Ricky is working alone, don’t even worry about it. He’ll let you buy whatever you want and he’ll even give you a discount if you’re a regular (or a hot woman… or really just any woman). If the other employees are there, though, you might be best off trying your luck at another institution. Rowdy teens have been known to find their way inside here and commandeer the piano, so beware of reckless honky-tonking.  

The Shooting BabyThe Shooting Baby is a classic. As the saying goes, “If ya can’t shoot billiards, shoot an outlaw. If ya can’t shoot an outlaw, shoot iron. But if ya can’t shoot iron, shoot yer shot, baby.” If you like the old wild west, full of swingin’ doors, old white drunks, their preschool-age children, and copious amounts of alcohol, this is the place for you. It sticks to the basics, it gets the job done. This place really does appeal to anything you could possibly need… just make sure to bring a valid ID.

—R. Howard