Listen, obviously this looks bad. But there’s really nothing tying us to it. If we just get out of town—and quick—there’s no reason anyone would think we had anything to do with the guy at all. 

Remember, three days ago we didn’t even know him. This kind of case is almost always traced back to a close friend or family member. Without any kind of physical evidence, that’s who they’re gonna be investigating, not a couple of small-time bozos like us. From an outside perspective, we don’t even enter the picture.

What’s important now is that we keep breathing. In… out… in… out… just like that. Okay, I wiped down the shovel. Are we forgetting anything here?


One thing’s clear: We’re cooked for sure. That’s way too much blood for somebody to lose. God, it’s so red. Plus, did you even notice he stopped breathing? No. No, this guy is dead—and we killed him. 

Look, this wasn’t supposed to happen. No one was supposed to get hurt. All we did was make a series of innocent, completely understandable mistakes, but now he’s done for, and we won’t be far behind.

It won’t take them long to find us now. Cameras everywhere, everywhere an algorithm three steps ahead. Policemen with their own cellular phones. It’s all over for us.

—L. Burch