Part 1: Multiple Choice (2 pts each)

  1. A 5. A
  2. A 6. A
  3. A 7. A
  4. B 8. A

Part 2: Free Response (4 pts each)

  1. The best car to recommend to a client is the 2009 Honda Civic (4 door variant). Great crash test reviews.
  2. Lineup Identification (from left to right): Brad, My Ex-Wife, a Two Foot Gap, Myself
  3. Bonus: if students wrote that the location was [REDACTED] award a few additional points.
  4. Valid answers to the case study include “Brad only won the car in the divorce because I let him and not because he outsmarted me,” or “Brad only got to keep the children in the divorce because I let him and not because I didn’t show up to court sober.”
  5. The custody arraignment is SOLE (not JOINT) but I still get visitation. Supervised 10% is still 10% (just like $20 being $20). Deduct additional points for anyone who tries to reason or argue their answer.
  6. “Because I crashed my Civic (and lived to tell the tale) after a fun night” is NOT a valid answer for GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE. (Valid answers include “never” and “in the case of both partners’ deaths.”)

—T. Schroder