Triangle Shirtwasted – Alcoholic father Chuck Murphy is just trying to do right by his family, but there’s one thing standing in his way: the largest industrial disaster in American history.


The Roooooaring Twenties – Follow rough-and-tumble Larry the Lion through the 1920s as he juggles parties, automobiles, mating, and his imminently doomed stock portfolio.


Lincoln in a Lincoln – This daring novel asks the question, “What if Abraham Lincoln could drive?”


I Fucked the President Too – The historical classic delves into the personal lives of Betsy Carrigan, Grace Jones, and Charlotte Nightingale—the other three women who got down and dirty in the oval office with JFK. What will happen when they all meet at his funeral?


Ellis Island – Immigration Museum tour guide Oleg Kaschlovitch is forced to change his name to be more visitor-friendly, and the whole thing is super symbolic.


I Fucked the President Too: The Prequel – Set twenty years before the original smash hit. It turns out FDR had quite a few mistresses too.


—J. Bock