At 109 years young, Old Anders is the oldest man in town, so he knows its history inside and out. Can you unseat him as town Trivia Champion? Try your hand!

  1. At which local Bar and Grill can you receive wrinkle constructive surgery?
    1. Bitchin’ and Stitchin’ Bar & Grill
    2. Crime Scene Bar & Grill
    3. Rafferty Falls Library & Swedish Cultural Center & Bar and Grill
  2. What clean energy source powers O’Halloran Puppery?
    1. A water wheel
    2. Irish pride
    3. The Dog Catcher’s burly arms and can-do attitude
  3. In June 1978, how many golf balls could Old Anders fit in his mouth?
    1. 5
  4. During Rafferty Falls’ founding, who kissed behind the waterfall?
    1. Annaliese Svenson and Colm Rafferty
    2. Two Dutchmen
    3. Two dogs 
  5. What is the political makeup of Rafferty Falls?
    1. Obama-Trump voters
    2. Romney Republicans
    3. Romney Democrats
  6. In June 1978, how many golf balls did Old Anders choke on?
    1. 1
    2. 6
    3. 8
  7. How does Town Hall mitigate Irish-Swedish tensions?
    1. By renaming the town to reflect the current most populous ethnicity
    2. By appointing diversity liaisons to encourage mutual cultural understanding
    3. By hosting hybrid Catholic-Lutheran Three Kings’ Day services
  8. Which of these Friendly Faces of Rafferty Falls does not operate a Bar & Grill?
    1. The Town Ourang-Outang
    2. Charlie Murderer
    3. Svurker Sköl
  9. What is the Dog Catcher’s least favorite food?
    1. Chocolate
    2. Lutefisk
    3. Boiled cabbage
  10. In June 1978, did Old Anders get throat reconstruction surgery at Bitchin’ and Stitchin’ Bar and Grill?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Cool it with the Old Anders’ obsession

If you answered mostly “1”s: You’re mostly correct! These answers were correct. 

If you answered mostly “2”s or “3”s: You’re mostly incorrect! These answers were lies.