After new evidence surfaced suggesting Charlie Murderer killed Mayor O’Connor, Detective Caruso brings him in for interrogation.

Caruso: Mr. Murderer, thanks for coming in. First of all, this is just a formality. Procedure for when new evidence comes in, really.

Charlie (Innocently): Yeah, totally. How are your folks? I’m happy to answer any questions.

Caruso: Thanks man, yeah they’re good. From what I hear from your friends in the town hall, you’re a pretty good guy. And my mom was a waitress, so, well, I get it. Here’s my understanding of what happened that night: at 2:15 in the morning, Ingrid Johannson, the town floozy —

Charlie: Town bicycle.

Caruso: Right. The town bicycle is at your bar, the Crime Scene. Says you were bartending, says when she left, it was just you and Mr. O’Connor up front. Charlie, were there any other employees there that night at the Crime Scene Bar & Grill?

Charlie: Nope, just me. I keep bar. I keep grill. Nobody wants to work.

Caruso: So I hear. Now, as a detective, I’m deducing that you two were alone. It’s 2:16, and three people from the big city report hearing Mayor O’Connor shout, “Ahhhhh Charlie, you’re killing me!!!”

Charlie: Sounds right.

Caruso: Then the three of them came into your bar and saw O’Connor’s bloodied corpse lying on the ground. I can’t help but assume that the murder took place within these few minutes. So Mr. Murderer, as a detective, I have to ask, did you kill O’Connor?

Charlie (Non-Murderously): Can’t say I did.

Caruso: If you didn’t, then who did?

Charlie: Don’t know, wasn’t there when he died.

Caruso: Then where were you at the time of the murder?

Charlie: Keeping grill.

Caruso: Listen, Charlie. You seem like a straight shooter to me. So let me just ask you one question. If Mr. O’Connor was the only customer, and you were the only employee, you were the only people there. And Mrs. Johannson didn’t see anyone else go into the restaurant. So you were the only person who could have killed him, yet you claim you didn’t. Which leads me to think either you’re lying, or- 

Charlie: or suicide.

Caruso: Exactly. 

Caruso and Charlie Hang Out

— S. Leone