Life these days is harder than ever, and more and more Americans report feeling lost or isolated in their daily lives. If this sounds like you: there is hope. Helping Hand is here to help. 

Entering your credit card information on our website gives you access to Helping Hand’s hundreds of carefully selected and highly qualified psychologists. Our staff are trained to help you feel comfortable talking about a wide variety of sensitive subjects. Talk to them about your childhood traumas, the street and town you grew up in, and even the name of your first pet. 

Your sessions with Helping Hand are completely confidential, so you can feel safe telling Terry—I mean your personally selected therapist—about your relationship with your mother and what her maiden name means to you. If you’re stressed or depressed about money, your Helping Hand therapist can use relevant information about your social security status, income, and retirement funds to help you make better decisions that can relieve your psychological burdens. 

At Helping Hand we understand that getting help can be difficult, and we are here to ensure that you are getting the help you feel you need. If you don’t connect with the first therapist you are matched with, you don’t need to worry: Terry has been taking Zoom improv classes and can do four different voices now—including a sick Jimmy Fallon impression!

Helping Hand is here to help. Get help today with Helping Hand.

—A. Jeddy