This article originally appeared in the Sponsored Issue.

  1. The loose granola in every crevice
  2. The “Coexist” bumper sticker
  3. The loose fermented arugula slaw in every crevice
  4. Booster seats for Calliope and Xander, who are being raised on a strict diet of Paleo food and adventure
  5. The “cup holder” that somehow only fits mason jars
  6. The full Melissa Etheridge Deluxe CD collection, even though Xander broke the CD player in 2012 while exploring his sexuality
  7. Most of an IKEA toolkit
  8. The “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker
  9. The faint echoes of NPR, long after you turn the radio off
  10. Love (white teens making out with the seats all the way down)

—C. Cohen