This article originally appeared in the Just for Teens Issue

  1. Teens have too many hormones.
  2. Teens don’t know whether or not they’re gay.
  3. Teens don’t have a lot of money.
  4. Teens don’t want to worship God.
  5. Teens are disillusioned in a way that boys and girls aren’t.
  6. Teens only like to read Wuthering Heights.
  7. Teens think they’re too cool for Sunday Mass.
  8. Teens think that jizz is funny and we just don’t.
  9. Teens think that it’s cool to be racist.
  10. Teens think they know everything about everything.
  11. Many teens across the world are illiterate.
  12. Some teens don’t even have access to clean drinking water.
  13. Teens think the crucifixion was a laugh riot.
  14. Teens only read on iPads.
  15. Teens will think we’re trying to parent them.
  16. Teens think the Bible is a joke book.
  17. Teens are too busy getting pregnant.