This article originally appeared in the Just for Teens Issue


So you just got your period. Mazel tov! Time to update your Facebook status, buy some tampons, and most importantly, flex on your haters. That’s right. Here’s your go-to guide on what Fortnite dances to do as you walk into 1st period pre-algebra all mature and fertile as fuck tomorrow:

The Floss: A classic. Connect the dots for your classmates with a few left and right pelvic thrusts.

Finger Guns: One of the OG Fortnite dances. If your rapidly changing pubescent body doesn’t impress your peers, your vast Battle Royale prowess surely will.

The Infinite Dab: Think regular dab, but on a loop. Or should I say cycle! In case anyone missed your message in the Snapchat group this morning that said “I’m a menstruating and unstoppable bad bitch,” this will reiterate that you are a menstruating and unstoppable bad bitch.

The Pumpernickel: Need I say more?

Brush your shoulders: Casual, yet elegant. “Sure, I just shed my uterine lining for the first time and will continue to do so every lunar month until menopause, enabling me to gestate life like God Herself. But hey, it’s really no biggie.”

—S. Force